Blue Place

Posted by Kathleen Self on January 29, 2019

Deep in our brains there is a small place called the locus coeruleus which is Latin for blue spot. This tiny place governs how we manage stress and panic. It actually has blue pigment in it. When we are repeatedly exposed to dire stress, our locus coeruleus ceases to function properly. The pathology of this small blue spot can cause depression, and it is studied by neurologists in regards to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. How interesting, that when we are sad, feeling blue, it can be directly linked to the “blue place” in our brains being out of balance. This painting, comprised of various blue squares and rectangles, is an expression of stressful, blue days that are gradually being brought to the light of love to be made whole. It is a prayer for the healing of the locus coeruleus. There are so many in our society struggling with severe depression. This painting is for you, that you may find the help and healing for your beautiful mind.

Blue Place, oil on canvas, 18″ x 24″. This painting is in the oil painting gallery, and in the shop of my website.