Rooted in Love

Posted by Kathleen Self on February 4, 2019

Gardening, working the soil so plants thrive, is a wonderful activity! This painting is about how our souls can flourish; by being rooted in love. Roots are of primary importance for any plant to grow. Roots come first. A tree loses leaves and survives just fine. A tree can be pruned (loss of branches) and be even more fruitful. However, if a root system is compromised, the tree’s existence is threatened. Life’s buffetings and bruisings will happen; if we are solidly rooted in love, we can still be fruitful. This love from God is the best soul-soil. His affection for us, His kindness to us, enriches our souls. As we celebrate Valentine’s Day this month, may we be rooted in God’s abundant love, and not in our technology and social trends. Good, healthy growth in our lives comes when we are deeply rooted in holy love.

Rooted in Love; 24″x36″ oil with wax on canvas
original available in my shop under oil with wax
9″x14″ archival prints also available in my shop