Joyous Lament

Posted by Kathleen Self on July 2, 2019

In the tidal waters we find a mysterious mixing of salt meeting sweet. In the brackish water between fresh and brine, where sea mingles with stream, there is a place teeming with abundance. I sense that my soul carries a wonder that echoes this; there is a layering of salty sorrow that flows beneath the sparkle of joy. How is it that there is mourning and rejoicing woven together in my heart? The greatest mystery is how the Lord takes this confluence and turns it into a fruitful, fertile, miracle of life. In nature, an estuary is known as the nursery for the sea; 75% of the fish we catch start their life in the fresh and salty water of the estuary. As I consider the wisdom of God that creates such an amazing habitat, may I be even more aware of His lively creativity in my soul. This unique flourishing happens just because my soul is designed to contain a place where sorrow mingles with joy.